Get Started


Before you can begin working with WooSignal WooCommerce on Flutter, you will need to create a developer account on WooSignal Developers. You can sign up for free here, once you have an account you can start using the service.

Linking a WooCommerce site

If you've followed the above step, you'll now be able to link your store.
On the Dashboard Home, select "Connect new store", view image below for reference.

Next step is to the URL for the given WooCommerce store e.g. in the example below, this will request read and write permissions from the WooCommerce store, you need to ensure that the REST API is not disabled on the store and that you have admin access to login to grant the permissions for the WooSignal platform.
Example below

If the store was successfully linked, you'll be brought to the landing screen for the WooCommerce store. Here you'll be able to generate app keys, settings and make setting changes but more on that in the next section.

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