7.5.4 for Android Studio/Flutter

You will need Android Studio/Flutter to run this app:

Label StoreMax v7.5.4

Our template supports the latest WooCommerce (3.5+)
Label StoreMax is a WooCommerce App, built exclusively for your store to integrate with, setup only takes less than 3 minutes!

  • Flutter

    The Flutter framework makes it easy to create an IOS and Android app from one source of code.

  • Customization

    You will also be able to customise the look and feel of the App, if we also have one simple config file to make global changes to the app easy.

  • Customer experience

    Our app offers a beautiful shopping experience for your customers and we've made it easy to for you add/remove features you need in the app.

Label StoreMax

App Store Ready

You can upload the app template to the IOS and Android app stores.

Customers can make orders, browse your products and manage their accounts.
Preview your app in the WooSignal dashboard to experience our template.

Works Like Magic

Our App template has features your customers will love!
Our design is sweet and simple for a pleasant checkout experience.

Take a glimpse of the design below.

Login/Register for customers via WordPress

It's quick and simple to enable this, it can be toggled on/off so you can choose if you want your customers to checkout as a guest or user.

Login to customer for Label StoreMax
Mobile WooCommerce app experience Label StoreMax

Fast and smooth checkout experience

With caching enabled, the app loads ridiculously fast which makes our templates suitable to handle high traffic and provide a consistent fluid experience for customers.

Payment Gateways

Supported: Stripe, Cash on delivery and PayPal

You can add/remove which payment methods you want customers to use.

Stripe is the easiest to integrate, connect Stripe on WooSignal and add the account key to the app to start taking payments.

Payments supported in Label StoreMax
WooCommerce app integration WooSignal

Full integration with WooCommerce

Once you connect your store on WooSignal it will automatically pull products, categories, shipping so you can manage the app from your WordPress admin.

When a customer completes their checkout on the app, you'll see the order in the WooCommerce admin view like a normal order.

Light and Dark mode

Your customers can now use dark (or light) mode while shopping in the app.

It's easy to switch between the modes from the menu.

This feature is built into the app template at no extra charge.

Dark mode using Label StoreMax
Auto updates

Auto Updates

WooSignal manages the infrastructure behind the scenes to ensure your app is fast and reliable for customers.

After you upload your app to the App Stores, you can manage your app from the WooSignal dashboard.

Any changes made from the dashboard will automatically sync with the app too.

WooCommerce Ready

Essential WooCommerce Features Integrated

Coupon Support

Offer coupons? We support those too! You can enable this in the dashboard and your customers will be able to use coupons for their checkout.

Multi-Languages (locales)

We support: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Hindi, French, Mandarin Chinese, Turkish and Dutch

Upsell products + Related products

Boost sales with upsell products that will appear on the product page.


Our app template supports the Wishlist feature. This allows customers to add products to their wishlist in the app.


Sending offers and promotions? We have notifications integrated into the template so you can easily send messages from the WooSignal dashboard.


Make things fancy with one of our many themes, you can select new themes in the WooSignal dashboard.