WooSignal WooCommerce Mobile SDK Guide

Getting the basics 3 minute read

Our mobile SDK supports WooCommerce stores using the REST API. We provide a simple way for your to connect your store and start using our SDK package to use inside your application.

Easy steps to help guide you

WooCommerce apps are a great solution for growing companies/businesses, out guide here can help you learn the basics

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Getting Started

1. Register for an account on WooSignal

You can get started on one of our free plans to start using the WooSignal platform. It's easy to get started, go to the register page and sign up to get access to our developer dashboard.

2. Connecting a WooCommerce store

On the developer dashboard you should see "new store", click this and start the linking process to add your store. Once added you'll be able to go into the store page on WooSignal and be ready for the next step below.

Generate an App Key

1. Open a WooCommerce store you've created

On the developer dashbaord you'll be able click and select a store that you've already selected and then you'll be able to jump to the next page were you'll be able to manage all the setting for the store.

In the top left you'll see generate new app key which will automattical generate one for that give WooCommerce app and you'll need to copy this and keep it safe for the next step.

Using our WooCommerce App SDK

1. Install the mobile SDK into your existing application

Help & Support

If you have questions regarding our mobile sdk, feel free to get in touch via our support page


We usually try to rollout updates monthly to make sure our mobile sdk provides amazing performance, secure and reliable connections for client and simple ease of use.

Want to learn how to use the WooSignal inside your WooCommerce App?

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