WooSignal WooCommerce Mobile SDK Guide

Getting the basics 3 minute read

If you need a way to interact with your WooCommerce store through a Flutter mobile app, we have a mobile SDK that makes this a breeze. You can install our WooSignal package via pub.dev for free to start building your WooCommerce store.


  • WooSignal account
  • WooCommerce Store 3.5+
  • WordPress 4.4+
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Getting Started

1. Register for an account on WooSignal

You can get started on our free plan to start using the WooSignal platform. It's easy to get started, go to the register page and sign up to get access to our dashboard.

2. Connecting a WooCommerce store

If you haven't already, connect your WooCommerce store. If your store isn't linked, click "Add Store" then add your store's url to start the linking process. Once your store is connected, you'll be ready for the next step below.

3. Get your app token

First, click on your connected store in WooSignal. Next, click "API Token" on the Menu and copy your App key. You'll need to use the WooSignal package.

Using our Flutter WooCommerce App SDK

1. Install the mobile SDK into your existing application

Help & Support

If you have questions regarding our mobile sdk, feel free to get in touch via our support page


We usually try to roll-out updates monthly to make sure our mobile sdk provides amazing performance, secure and reliable connections for client and simple ease of use.

Want to learn how to use the WooSignal inside your WooCommerce App?

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