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To quickly get setup, you'll need to ensure that you have the below requirements.

Folder Structure

Download and extract the zip. You will find the structure as follows:

App Contains the app, open the "Label.xcworkspace"
Label Woocommerce Plugin Contains the Label WordPress plugin
Readme.txt Information for changelog & version

Connecting Woocommerce

Follow the below steps to connect your Woocommerce store:

  • Login into your WooSignal account (or create an account if you are new).

  • On the Dashboard, if you have not connected your store, it will display "Offline". This means you will need to connect your Woocommerce store, select "connect" and add the url to your Woocommerce store e.g. once added, select "Connect store".

  • It will ask for an admin user to login so WooSignal can be authorized to connect with your Woocommerce store. Once complete, if all has gone successful, your dashboard should show "Online" which means your store is now connect!

Connect Label App

If you have followed the above steps, you should now be able to connect your app.
Using Android Studio, open the project in "App > Label". Once open need to open the project, look for LabelCore file (a shortcut you can use is [SHIFT SHIFT] and then search for "LabelCore").

This file contains configuration settings for the app

  • Linking your Woocommerce store

On the WooSignal dashboard you should have "Manage Apps" on the left sidebar, select it and generate a appKey by clicking "Generate new key". This will create a key for the app to use, copy it and go back to the app.

Inside the "LabelCore" file in Android Studio, look for appKey and update the value like so

public static final String appKey = "your app key";

Once added you should be able to run the app in Android Studio by clicking the run icon at the top

Note: Products - If you are on the free plan it will only display 20 products so if you can't see products in categories that's the reason why. View our plans to learn more.


To change the currency symbol throughout the app, first open LabelCore in Android Studio and look for the following variable

public static final String localeLanguage = "en";
public static final String localeCountry = "GB";
Woocommerce Payment Currency

To change the currency for Woocommerce orders find the following variable inside LabelCore in Android Studio

public static final String currency = "GBP";
// Find your currency code - View Currency Codes


If you want to use the login feature in the app you need to ensure that you have installed the following plugins on WordPress first:

  • JSON API Auth
  • JSON API User
  • Label Plugin (Included in package "Label Woocommerce Plugin")

Once installed, please ensure that you have activated they in your WordPress settings.

Last part

Make sure the wcUrl in "LabelCore" is set to your domain

public static final String wcUrl = ""

Make sure useLabelLogin is enabled like the following

public static final Boolean useLabelLogin = true

Next, go to Settings on WordPress > JSON API > activate the following : "Core", "Auth" and "User"

You should now be able to run the app and use the LabelLogin feature


To connect Stripe to Label you will need to first login to WooSignal, on the dashboard, you will need to connect your Stripe account here

Follow the guide on Stripe, this will authorize WooSignal to connect with your Stripe account.

Once the account is connected it should show "Online" in green on WooSignal which means it was successfully connected. The next step is to visit Stripe and get your Publishable key. If you're not sure how to get this follow this guide, next copy your Publishable key and open the LabelCore file in Xcode. Inside this file contains the following variable we need to update.

public static final String stripePublicKey = "your stripe publishable"
public static final Boolean useStripe = true; // TRUE/FALSE

Note: To change the environment to live you will need to turn off "test mode" in WooSignal and update the publishable key in the app to the live key


Inside "LabelCore" contains the configuration values for PayPal.

public static final String paypalClientID = "your paypal client id"

IMPORTANT! Change the client id to alter environment (live/sandbox)


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